Contingency, Events, Promotions
& Specialty Solutions

You never know when the unexpected will impact an event, contract, or program. Reel Media Canada offers superior contingency insurance,
with a range of solutions for even the most challenging cases. The most common types of contingency covers are linked with sports,
leisure and entertainment and can encompass a multitude of exposures.


Coverages Offered:

Event Cancellation


Cancellation Application
Conferences and Exhibitions Application

Coverage is provided for financial loss due to cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption, curtailment or relocation of any type of outdoor or indoor event. Our policies will protect your client from loss of expenses or gross revenue and includes additional expenses to mitigate any loss. Coverage can be provided for a variety of events, including but not limited to:
  • Sporting Events, one day or over several weeks such as the Pan Am Games or FIFA World Cup
  • Music Events, Festivals and worldwide tours
  • Theatre Productions
  • Conferences, Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Form: Non-Appearance Application

Coverage is provided for cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption, curtailment or relocation of any event due to the non-appearance of any key person, group or guest speaker. This insurance can cover artists, bands, stand-up comedians, conference speakers, the bride and groom or even the birthday boy or girl. Coverage is provided for death, accident, illness or unavoidable travel delay of the specified person(s).

Prize Indemnity

Form: Hole in One Application

This class includes mathematical and probability cases and skill based risks that rely on historical data. Coverage is provided to protect the insured against their contractual liability to award a prize in the event of a win or achievement in an insured competition. Examples of the mathematical and probability risks include lotteries, game shows, envelope picks and roll-a-dice competitions. We also cover skill-based prize risks, such as Golf Hole in One, half-court basketball shot attempts, Hockey shoot the puck contests, as well as other ‘outside the box’ solutions. Some of our more unique promotions include weather related prize promotions. Contract Bonus

This coverage can be purchased by sports team owners or sponsors to protect their financial obligation to pay bonuses should specific achievements be met. Common examples could include player and staff bonuses should the Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series, or a sponsor paying a bonus to a golfer should he or she be number one on the PGA or LPGA rankings at the end of the year. Bonuses are also often given to entire national teams by the governing bodies or individual sponsors.

Weather Day Commercial Shoot

Coverage is provided for commercial shoots, where there is a requirement to complete the filming within a specified day or number of days. We cover additional costs incurred due to the filming delay caused by adverse weather conditions. Coverage can be offered for sunshine, reasonable photographic conditions, wind or absence of precipitation.

Death, Disability & Disgrace

Our specialized policies provide coverage where a celebrity might cause the client to incur significant additional costs in advertising if they were to die, become seriously injured/disabled or disgrace themselves.

Transmission Failure

Coverage protects against losses to advertisers should there be a failure in the transmission during one or all of the commercials. Sports events are often decided in a matter of a seconds, and missing decisive moments or a goal in game seven of the Stanley Cup, or the final of the Soccer World Cup, could cost television broadcasters and companies millions of dollars. Reel Media Canada can provide coverage to protect against losses following the failure to provide the entire sound and/or picture of a televised event due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, the failure or malfunction of power supply and/or satellite transmission.


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